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Category: Materials Science and Engineering Published: 27 December 2016
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Metallurgy - Materials Characterization

Materials Characterization by Dr. S. Sankaran, Department of Metallurgical & Materials Engineering,IIT Madras. For more details on NPTEL visit

Lec-01 Properties of light, Image formation

Lec-02 Magnification and resolution

Lec-03 Depth of field,focus and field of view


Lec-04 Lens defects,filters and light microscopy introduction


Lec-05 Optical microscope demo., Bright field imaging, opaque specimen illumination


Lec-06 Opaque stop microscopy, Phase contrast microscopy


Lec-07 Dark field microscopy, Polarization microscopy


Lec-08 Differential interference contrast and fluorescence microscopy


Lec-09 Sample preparation techniques for optical microscopy


Lec-10A Tutorial problems


Lec-10B continuation Tutorial problems


Lec-11 Introduction to scanning electron Microscopy


Lec-12 Lens aberrations, Object resolution, Image quality


Lec-13 Interaction between electrons and sample, Imaging capabilities, Structural analysis


Lec-14 SEM and its mode of operation, Effect of aperture size,Working distance


Lec-15 SEM and its mode of operation continuation, Relation between probe current and probe


Lec-16 Factors affecting Interaction volume, Demonstration of SEM


Lec-17 Image formation and interpretation


Lec-18 Image formation and interpretation continued, EDS, WDS


Lec-19 Special contrast mechanisms, Monte Carlo simulations of Interaction volume


Lec-20 Electron channeling contrast imaging (ECCI), Electron back scattered diffraction (EBSD)


Lec-21 Tutorial Problems on SEM


Lec-22 Basics of X-ray emission from source, electron excitation and X-ray interaction


Lec-23 Properties of X-rays


Lec-24 Bragg's Law Derivation


Lec-25 Diffraction relationship with reciprocal space


Lec-26 X-ray scattering


Lec-27 Factors affecting intensities of X-ray peaks


Lec-28 Factors affecting intensities of X-ray peaks- continuation


Lec-29 Effect of crystallite size and strain on intensity of X-rays


Lec-30 Profile fit, Factors affecting peak broadening


Lec-31 Indexing of diffraction pattern, Quantitative analysis


Lec-32 Indexing, Quantitative analysis-continuation, Residual stress measurements


Lec-33 XRD and Residual stress measurement- lab demonstration


Lec-34 Introduction to Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM)


Lec-35 Fundamentals of Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM)


Lec-36 Basics of Diffraction-1


Lec-37 Basics of Diffraction-2


Lec-38 TEM imaging-1


Lec-39 TEM imaging-2


Lec-40 TEM instrument demonstration


Lec-41 TEM sample preparation-1


Lec-42 TEM sample preparation-2


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