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Category: IT Published: 22 November 2009
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This blog is mainly a collection of portable programs related links.You, the users, are responsible for the use of software and copyrighted material. If you end up being satisfied with a product, I recommend that you purchase the product and support its developer. The main purpose is to give you the chance to try the programs without installing them....but if you wish to use the software submitted in this blog...please delete the portable version and be fair with the software authors...

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  • Portable NCH VideoPad Video Editor Professional 4.48

    Posted on: 5 October 2016, 9:11 am

    Working with video files, especially editing them, is a task that requires a specialized application that can provide all the tools one needs. Among the software applications of this kind you can find VideoPad Video Editor portable. The interface of this utility is divided into several parts (e.g. Media List, Effects, Transitions, Files, Clips, Video Track, Audio Track, Overlay Track), which may make everything seem a little hard to operate. You can capture video from a camcorder or another device like a webcam or a TV capture card, and once you have added files and sequence clips to the queue, you can start editing them.

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  • Portable NCH WavePad Sound Editor Master's Edition 6.55

    Posted on: 5 October 2016, 8:56 am

    This audio editing software is a full featured professional audio and music editor for Windows and Mac OS X. It lets you record and edit music, voice and other audio recordings. When editing audio files you can cut, copy and paste parts of recordings then add effects like echo, amplification and noise reduction. WavePad portable works as a wav or mp3 editor but it also supports a number of other file formats including vox, gsm, wma, real audio, au, aif, flac, ogg and more.

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  • Portable Bloom 1.0.467 (x64)

    Posted on: 4 October 2016, 12:30 pm

    Bloom portable is the first editor to allow true non-destructive editing. Every filter, effect, brush stroke or vector edit you apply is stored separately, and nothing is baked in. This allows you to come back to anything you've done in the past and adjust it – without redoing all of the subsequent work. Even brush strokes are editable after you've drawn them!Bloom is a purely 16-bit per channel application. Everything, including images, shape colors, masks, and any other color data is stored with 16 bits per channel. This means you never lose precision and color accuracy, allowing for the most vibrant and precise images to be created. In Bloom, everything is numerically adjustable – all the time, long after the initial effect has been applied. You can tweak and adjust every detail to your heart's delight until your creation is absolutely perfect.

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  • Portable WinToUSB 3.2.1 Enterprise Multilanguage

    Posted on: 3 October 2016, 4:00 pm

    WinToUSB portable is the best  Windows To Go Creator that allows you to install and run Windows operating system on a USB hard drive or USB flash drive, using an ISO image or CD/DVD drive as the source of installation. Starting from version 2.0, you can clone current Windows OS installation (Windows 7 or later) to a USB drive as a Windows To Go Workspace. WinToUSB also supports creating a bootable WinPE USB drive, it can help you transfer the contents of WinPE to a USB drive and make the drive bootable.

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  • Portable CyberLink Media Suite 14 Ultra 14.0.0819.0 Multilanguage

    Posted on: 3 October 2016, 11:23 am

    Media Suite portable has something for everyone in the family, and every occasion. Whether you're editing wedding photos, creating a highlight video of your last holiday, or simply kicking back and watching the latest movies in cinematic quality, Media Suite has you covered. With 15 multi-award winning products packed into one killer software suite, you won't find better value-for-money or a more convenient way to handle all your digital media needs.

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  • Portable MediaChance Dynamic Auto Painter Pro 5.0.3 (x64) + Templates

    Posted on: 3 October 2016, 7:22 am

    Dynamic Auto-Painter portable 64-bit - a big step forward in automatic painting. This is a unique program that allows you to turn your photos into paintings, using simulation techniques of drawing the most famous artists of the world. Unlike other similar tools and effects, Dynamic Auto-Painter does not alter the picture itself, it simply uses the image as the original, from which automatically draws the new image using the appropriate brushes and styles. With this you can observe the work program, as the work of this artist.
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  • Portable Shotcut 16.10 Multilanguage x64

    Posted on: 2 October 2016, 4:05 am

    Shotcut portable is a simple and user-friendly video editor that offers a series of features and functions to help you adjust and retouch your favorite movies, in just a few clicks of your mouse. The application supports various video, audio and even image formats, so you can work with any type of media you want. The 'Multi-format Timeline' enables you to mix and match resolutions as well as framerates throughout an editing project. You can analyze the video frame by frame, allowing you to correct or enhance its every aspect.
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  • Portable Mu-Tech Automatic Composer System v8 0e

    Posted on: 2 October 2016, 3:42 am

    You can make your own original music with the Automated Composing System. All you have to do is select music style.The Automated Composing System generates Ethnic Music such as Okinawa music (Japan Traditional), Scotland music and Andes music, Gamelan music (Indonesian music) as well as Western pops and Classical Music. (If you are interested in Okinawa music, Scotland music, or Andes music, go to "Ethnic Music Room" of this site.)

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  • SystemRescueCd 4.8.3 Boot ISO

    Posted on: 2 October 2016, 3:28 am

    SystemRescueCd - recovery disk, which is based on Linux and is available as a bootable CD / DVD-ROM or USB-stick for the administration and recovery system and data after a crash. It contains tools for working with hard disk: a breakdown into sections, diagnosis, preservation and restoration parts. Knows how to mount the Windows Ntfs for reading and writing. It also contains tools for configuring the network, network services, search tools, rootkits and antivirus. It can be downloaded from the CD-ROM, USB-drive or a network via PXE.

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  • Portable Aid4Mail

    Posted on: 1 October 2016, 7:18 am

    The Accurate, Fast Way to Migrate, Archive & Analyze Email Data. Choose Aid4Mailportable when you need to migrate email accounts quickly and reliably… When you’re under pressure to process email data for litigation purposes… And when you can’t afford to risk losing or compromising email data.

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  • Portable Reg Organizer 7.52

    Posted on: 1 October 2016, 3:22 am

    Reg Organizer® portable is a feature-rich application designed to edit, clean and maintain registry, fix errors in the system, and improve computer performance. The deep registry search feature lets you find all registry keys related to a specific application. The program helps you to edit registry files (.reg) and view their content directly from Windows Explorer. There is also a built-in application uninstaller, allowing you to uninstall redundant applications from the system completely. Another set of features will be useful to administrators, as well as ordinary users.

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  • Portable VidePub 1.4.0

    Posted on: 30 September 2016, 7:11 am

    VidePub portable allows splitting of TV recordings (MPEG2 TS or H264 TS) with an helping tool to detect commercials with a fast search of sequences containing the channel logo. During films or series, TV channels often display a logo on the corner of the screen, and this logo generally disappears during commercials. Therefore, you just have to isolate sequences with the logo to clean the movie.

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  • Portable DVDFab Multilanguage

    Posted on: 29 September 2016, 12:10 pm

    DVDFab portable is one of the top DVD/BluRay copy and backup software applications available on the market. Highlights include DVD and video conversion, Blu-Ray decryption and DVD data recovery abilities. All of these, together with the DVD/Blu-Ray creation features make it one of the most versatile DVD management suites ever to meet its category.

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  • Portable Soft Organizer 6.02

    Posted on: 29 September 2016, 7:02 am

    A common problem we often face with, when uninstalling unnecessary software, is various traces left in the system: unneeded files or folders on a disk, registry entries and so on. This can happen even if an application was removed correctly with its own uninstaller - a special program provided by a vendor to uninstall the application. Soft Organizer portable is a professional application designed to uninstall unnecessary applications from your system.

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  • Portable RMPrepUSB 2.1.734 Multilanguage

    Posted on: 28 September 2016, 4:00 pm
    RMPrepUSB portable allows the Windows user to easily and quickly 'roll their own' multiboot USB drive. It allows the user to quickly test, partition, format, install a boot manager, extract or copy files and then test a multiboot (aka multipass) USB bootable drive. It can also make or restore an image and much more. Multiboot 'point-and-shoot' utilities like YUMI or XBOOT are excellent, however they don't support every different ISO or image. You will learn to enjoy making your own personal multiboot drive using RMPrepUSB!

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  • Portable SnailDriver 1.0.3 Stable

    Posted on: 28 September 2016, 12:02 pm

    SnailDriver portable is a slick user-friendly driver updater that can scan, notify and permit you to update outdated or missing as well as broken drivers. This updater was designed with all user skill levels in mind and proved to be extremely easy-to-use and, fortunately, lacks all the complicated procedures that make some similar tools unwieldy and intimidating to new users. As soon as you hit start on the application, SnailDriver promptly scans your machine and provides details on what needs attention. It was surprisingly fast during the scan as well as during the driver update process. It also permits quick access to a listing of all the devices that are current and includes the version number, date, and manufacturer. There are limited settings that need configuring but one, in particular, stood out by providing the ability to manipulate the number of drivers that download at a time to not bog your machine down when multiple drivers need an update.

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  • Portable WYSIWYG Web Builder 11.1.2

    Posted on: 28 September 2016, 11:29 am

    WYSIWYG Web Builder portable is a WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) program used to create web pages. WYSIWYG means that the finished page will display exactly the way it was designed.

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  • Portable OmniPeek Enterprise 9.2 x64

    Posted on: 27 September 2016, 4:00 pm

    Omnipeek portable is more than an impressive collection of packet data, stats, and analysis. Its tools and workflows are at your engineer's fingertips, making it easy to drill down, look across, compare, discover, and decide. Omnipeek empowers engineers with rapid-fire analytics and insights so they can make the best decisions, quickly, about your network's speed, application performance, and security.

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  • Portable PixPlant 3.0.11 Standalone x64

    Posted on: 27 September 2016, 10:42 am

    PixPlant portable is a smart 3D texturing tool that creates and edits seamless textures and 3D maps. PixPlant includes everything needed to quickly transform a common photo into seamlessly tiling 3D maps - it will save you a lot of time! Continue reading to learn more about what makes PixPlant stand apart.

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  • Portable PartitionGuru Professional Edition

    Posted on: 27 September 2016, 6:44 am

    PartitionGuru portable is a partition management and data recovery program. In addition to traditional MBR partition table, it supports GUID partition table on GPT disks also. In addition to basic partition management functions such as creating, deleting, hiding, formatting partitions, it also provides more powerful functions like lost partitions recovery, deleted or lost files recovery, partition backup, partition clone, disk clone, quick partition, integral size partition, correct and check partition table error, advanced file operation, etc.

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  • Portable Infix PDF Editor Pro 7.0.5

    Posted on: 27 September 2016, 6:27 am

    Infix PDF Editor portable office software made simple. For the first time it is now possible to edit text in any PDF document using tools familiar to anyone who uses a word processor. Easily edit the text in your PDFs, reflow and re-justify text, change fonts, colours and sizes. Resize, reposition and change images as you would in a professional publishing application. Infix PDF Editor is a tool that allows you edit PDF and text documents.

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  • Portable Amigabit Data Recovery Enterprise Multilanguage

    Posted on: 26 September 2016, 12:11 pm

    Amigabit Data Recovery portable is the best data recovery choice for Enterprises/Companies with Many Computers, Data Recovery Service Offers, IT Professionals, System Administrators, Technicians and other Computer Practitioners, to efficiently restore all lost files within only a few clicks. With this safe and trustable data recovery tool for Windows, users can enjoy unlimited usage and preferential service offered by Amigabit.

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  • Portable digiKam 5.2.0

    Posted on: 26 September 2016, 9:01 am

    digiKam portable is an advanced digital photo management application for KDE, which makes importing and organizing digital photos a "snap". The photos are organized in albums which can be sorted chronologically, by folder layout or by custom collections.

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  • Portable Alien Skin Exposure X2 Revision 34847 64-bit

    Posted on: 25 September 2016, 4:29 am

    Exposure X2 portable is an advanced RAW photo editor and organizer that improves every step in your editing workflow. Use it to quickly organize your images, nondestructively edit your photos, and apply gorgeous looks and special effects. For over a decade, Exposure has been the go-to solution for digital photographers seeking a smarter, faster way to create stunning images. Exposure X2 continues this tradition, and is the follow-up to the award-winning Exposure X.

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  • Portable Visual Web Ripper 3.0.15

    Posted on: 24 September 2016, 11:00 am

    Visual Web Ripper portable is a powerful web page scraper used to easily extract website data, such as product catalogs, classifieds, financial web sites or any other web site that contains information you may be interested in. Our web page scraper harvests content from targeted web sites automatically and delivers the content as structured data in databases, spreadsheets, CSV files or as XML.

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