Scientific terminology in MSE

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  • Impurities vs. Inclusions
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This topic is for discussion of some scientific terminology.

  • Impurities vs. Inclusions:
    In mineralogy, an inclusion is any material that is trapped inside a mineral during its formation.
    In casting, an inclusion is a metal contamination of dross, if it is a solid, or slag, if is a liquid. These usually are metal oxides, nitrides, carbides, calcides, or sulfides; they can come from material that is eroded from furnace or ladle linings, or contaminates from the mold.
    Impurities are substances inside a confined amount of liquid, gas, or solid, which differ from the chemical composition of the material or compound. Impurities are either naturally occurring or added during synthesis of a chemical or commercial product. During production, impurities may be purposely, accidentally, inevitably, or incidentally added into the substance. (source:
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