Cơ học kỹ thuật - Engineering Mechanics

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Published: 24 January 2010
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Series bài giảng của NPTEL, Ấn Độ. Nội dung bao gồm: engineering mechanics, equilibrium, plan trusses, friction và properties of surfaces.

Thông tin giảng viên: Prof. Manoj K Harbola; Department of Electrical Engineering; IIT Kanpur; Email: This...


Thermodynamics & Kinetics

Category: Teaching
Published: 20 January 2010
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This course deals primarily with equilibrium properties of macroscopic systems, basic thermodynamics, chemical equilibrium of reactions in gas and solution phase, and rates of chemical reactions.


Symmetry, Structure, and Tensor Properties of Materials

Category: Teaching
Published: 20 January 2010
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Nguồn: academicearth.org


Academic Earth - New Courses and Lectures : Bài giảng miễn phí từ các trường đại học hàng đầu

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Published: 15 January 2010
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Atomistic Computer Modeling of Materials

Category: Teaching
Published: 20 January 2010
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Online Courses of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Category: Teaching
Published: 16 December 2009
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Material Science

Prof. S.K. Gupta
Department of Chemical Engineering
IIT Delhi Email: sgupta[at]chemical.iitd.ac.in

{module Materials Science - Basic course}


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