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Effortless English Podcast | Learn English with AJ Hoge

The Effortless English Show with AJ Hoge teaches you to speak English powerfully. AJ is the author of "Effortless English: Learn To Speak English Like A Native" and is known as "The World's #1 English Teacher". Learn English. Learn English vocabulary. Learn about American culture.
  • Nerd Meaning

    Posted on: 22 March 2017, 1:00 pm

    Nerd meaning:  an overly intellectual person who is lacking social skills.  Also: geek. Nerd and Geek culture is the topic for this Effortless English Show!! English Courses at:    

  • You Gotta Have Faith

    Posted on: 21 March 2017, 2:00 pm

    To succeed with English, you must have faith.  You must have faith in yourself that you will succeed.  You must have faith in the method.  Build your confidence and succeed with English!

  • The Red Pill Meaning

    Posted on: 20 March 2017, 3:35 am

    "The red pill" is slang.  This slang comes from the movie The Matrix.  In this Show, AJ teaches you English from the movie.  He also discusses how we use this slang in different situations.  Effortless English Courses at:

  • Schooling is not Education

    Posted on: 18 March 2017, 1:26 am

    Schooling is not education!  AJ presents an interview with New York Teacher of The Year John Taylor Gatto.  Learn new vocabulary.  Learn the difference between schooling and true education. Free Text:

  • Live Your Dream Life Now

    Posted on: 16 March 2017, 9:40 pm

    Live your dream life now.  Do you dream of speaking English powerfully? Do you dream of making more money? Do you dream of an exciting life?  Do you dream of love?  Do you dream of meaningful work?  Do you dream of respect?  Of course you do.  Free text at:

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